How to form: I am + verb + ing I am playing.
  he, she, it is + verb + ing The bird is singing.
  you, we, they are + verb + ing We are dancing.
Short forms: I'm playing. The bird's singing. We're dancing
Negation: I am not (I'm not) + ing form
  he, she, it is not (isn't) + ing form
  you, we, they are not (aren't) + ing form
Question: Are they learning for the test?
Form of to be - subject - ing form


The present progressive is used to indicate actions happening at the time of speaking or future actions.
(Zeigt an, dass eine Handlung gerade jetzt im Augenblick des Sprechens vor sich geht. Sie wird auch verwendet um eine geplante Handlung in der Zukunft auszudrücken.)
Key words: look, listen, now, at the moment, still, at present
Note: take taking no e
make making no e
run running When a short vowel is spoken → doubling of the consonant
sit sitting Nach kurzem Selbstlaut → Verdopplung des Konsonanten
lie lying iey
Examples: Look, Ann is running down the street.
  She is sleeping now.
  Listen, I'm talking to you!



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Present simple or progressive:
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