How to form: I am + verb + ing I am playing.
  he, she, it is + verb + ing The bird is singing.
  you, we, they are + verb + ing We are dancing.
Short forms: I'm playing. The bird's singing. We're dancing
Negation: I am not (I'm not) + ing form
  he, she, it is not (isn't) + ing form
  you, we, they are not (aren't) + ing form
Question: Are they learning for the test?
Form of to be - subject - ing form


The present progressive is also called present continuous It is used to indicate actions happening at the time of speaking or used for planned future actions.
Key words: look, listen, now, at the moment, still, at present
Note: take taking no e
make making no e
run running When a short vowel is spoken → doubling of the consonant
sit sitting  
lie lying iey
Examples: Look, Ann is running down the street.
  She is sleeping now.
  Listen, I'm talking to you!



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Present simple or progressive:
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