We use some and any with uncountable nouns and with countable nouns in the plural when we don't know the exact amount.
SOME: 1. In sentences you expect a positive answer and with demands
  Examples: I bought some very nice postcards. Give me some orange juice, please.
  2. In polite questions or requests or if we expect the answer "YES"
  Examples: Would you like some more coffee? Do we have some time to go to the cinema?


ANY: 1. In questions: Have you got any blue shoes?
  2. In negations: No, I haven't got any.
  3. In conditional clauses: If I had any, I would wear it.
  4. We use any with never, without and hardly They hardly do any homework.


Compound words with some and any:
They are used the same way as some and any.
Talking about people: somebody - anybody = someone - anyone
I didn't know anyone at the meeting. I had to ask someone to find the hotel.
Talking about things: something - anything
We don't have anything to eat. He saw something in his garden.
Talking about places: somewhere - anywhere
We didn't go anywhere last weekend. They stayed somewhere near Manchester.


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