How to form: will + infinitive (=1st form) They will be late. / He will come.
  Short form: will = 'll They'll be late. / He'll come.
  Negation: will not = won't They will not be late / He won't come.
  Question: Will .... ? Will they be late? / Will he come?
Key words: tomorrow, next week (month, year, summer, Monday, weekend,...), in 2020...
I think I will meet her tomorrow.
I hope he will be back before 9.30.
I think I'll be there at five.


The will - future is used

1. to talk about future actions we can't influence or control.

2. to foretell future actions or to express hopes, expectations, fears, offers, promises, refusals,... .

Key words: I’m sure, I believe, I expect, I hope, I suppose, I think, I'm afraid, I wonder, I fear, I worry, I promise, I guess or perhaps, possibly, surely, probably, maybe



with I / we for spontaneous reactions or making promises

I shall is sometimes used instead of I will.


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