Am – Is – Are

The forms of to be in the Present Simple Tense

Long form Short form Example Negation Question
I am I'm I am late. I am not ('m not) late. Am I late?
You are You're You are clever. You are not (aren't) clever. Are you clever?
He is He's He is happy. He is not (isn't) happy. Is he happy?
She is She's She is hungry. She is not (isn't) hungry. Is she hungry?
It is It's It is cold. It is not (isn't) cold. Is it cold?
We are We're We are late. We are not (aren't) late. Are we late?
You are You're You are sleepy. You are not (aren't) sleepy. Are you sleepy?
They are They're They are great. They are not (aren't) great. Are they great?



Am – Is – Are - Exercises