The Comparison of Adjectives

Comparison of monosyllabic adjectives

Monosyllabic adjectives are compared with -er, -est.

positive comparative superlative
strong stronger strongest
small smaller smallest
late later latest
nice nicer nicest
big bigger biggest
thin thinner thinnest
fat fatter fattest
Example: London is bigger than Vienna.


Comparison of disyllabic adjectives

Disyllabic adjectives ending with y, er, ow, le are compared with -er, -est.

positive comparative superlative
easy easier easiest
happy happier happiest
clever cleverer cleverest
narrow narrower narrowest
Example: Which is the easiest exercise?


Comparison of all the other adjectives

All the other adjectives are compared with more, most.

positive comparative superlative
careful more careful most careful
expensive more expensive most expensive
difficult more difficult most difficult
tired more tired most tired
terrible more terrible most terrible
Which dress is more expensive? Which dress is the most expensive?


Comparison of special adjectives

Special adjectives can be compared with -er, -est or more, most.

positive comparative superlative
clever cleverer / more clever cleverest / most clever
common commoner / more common commonest / most common
likely likelier / more likely likeliest / most likely
pleasant pleasanter / more pleasant pleasantest / most pleasant
polite politer / more polite politest / most polite
quiet quieter / more quiet quietest / most quiet
stupid stupider / more stupid stupidest / most stupid
sure surer / more sure surest / most sure
subtle subter / more subtle subtlest / most subtle
Simple Simpler / more Simple Simplest / most Simple


Irregular Comparison Forms

positive comparative superlative
good better best
bad worse worst
much more most
many more most
little less least


(not) as ... as

Ann is as tall as Mary.
I think tomorrow it will be as hot as today.
This test was not as difficult as the last one.



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