Question Words

Except the word "how" all question words start with the letters "Wh". In the table below you have a list of all the question words with their meanings and an example of each of these words.

List of question words

  I want to know the Examples
What Specific thing What is your name?
When Time, Occation When does he come?
Where Place, Position, Location Where do you live?
Why Reason Why are you late?
Who Person Who is that girl?
Whose Person - 2nd Case Whose pen is it?
Which Choice Which book do you like best?
How Manner How can I get better?
How Much Quantity How much is the dress?
How Many Quantity How many rackets do you have?


How much und how many have the same meaning, but their use is different. We use how much with uncountable nouns like money or liquids and how many with countable nouns.


Question Words - Exercises