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Simple Future Tense

How to form the Simple Future

will + infinitive (=1st form) - They will be late. / He will come.

Short form: will = 'll - They'll be late. / He'll come.

Negation: will not = won't - They will not be late / He won't come.

Question: Will .... ? - Will they be late? / Will he come?


Key words: tomorrow, next week (month, year, summer, Monday, weekend,...), in 2020...


I think I will meet her tomorrow.

I hope he will be back before 9.30.

I suppose I'll be there at five.


Use of the Simple Future

1. to talk about future actions we can't influence or control.

2.to foretell future actions or to express hopes, expectations, fears, offers, promises, refusals,... .

Key words: I’m sure, I believe, I expect, I hope, I suppose, I think, I'm afraid, I wonder, I fear, I worry, I promise, I guess or perhaps, possibly, surely, probably, maybe

3. with I / we for spontaneous reactions or making promises. I shall is sometimes used instead of I will.




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