English Language Learning






Drag the items on the right to match the items on the left. Your correct answer appears in green. Your incorrect answer appears in red.

so. = someone / sth. = something / sw. = somewhere

02:00 at night
02:00 in the afternoon
08:15 in the morning
08:15 in the evening
03:45 at night
03:45 in the afternoon
07:30 in the morning
07:30 in the evening
09:55 in the morning
10:05 in the evening
10:05 in the morning
09:55 in the evening
It's two o'clock a.m.
It's two o'clock p.m.
It's a quarter past eight a.m.
It's a quarter past eight p.m.
It's a quarter to five a.m.
It's a quarter to five p.m.
It's half past seven a.m.
It's half past seven p.m.
It's five to ten a.m.
It's five past ten p.m.
It's five past ten a.m.
It's five to ten p.m.