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London Sights


Drag the items on the right to match the items on the left. Your correct answer appears in green. Your incorrect answer appears in red. Click on the "reset button" to do the exercise once more.

It's London's largest church.
It's famous for its Speakers' Corner.
It was once the only way to cross the Thames.
It's a very exclusive department store.
You can see Nelson's Column there.
It was built under William the Conqueror in 1078.
The British Prime Minister lives there.
It's a busy plaza in the heart of London.
Most royal coronations have taken place there.
It's the name of London's underground.
It has one of the world's biggest collections.
It's London's most famous street market.
It's a very famous street for shopping.
The Royal family lives there.
St. Paul's Cathedral
Hyde Park
London Bridge
The Houses of Parliament
Trafalgar Square
The Tower
Downing Street No 10
Piccadilly Circus
Westminster Abbey
British Museum
Portobello Road
Oxford Street
Buckingham Palace